Hang out with your friends, make a difference in the world.

Be our ambassador but make your impact

Mule’s Campus Ambassador Program is a tailored experience  which helps students develop their entrepreneurial talent while working with Mule. The program focuses on marketing and business development in a college town environment and aims to build a community of like-minded, entrepreneurially driven students across campus. 


Campus ambassadors wear multiple hats  across different campuses where they serve as community specialists, brand evangelists and experts at their respective institutions. 


The program facilitates and nurtures the skills to contribute to your career growth as a professional and as an entrepreneur. We help empower, strengthen and drive innovation within yourself. We enlist students like you to run Mule at your campus - just like a founder of the company.


By reaching out to your friends, clubs and campus organizations you're involved with, you have the potential to invite many new users to join the Mule movement. It's a pretty sweet gig. Hang out with your friends, make a difference in the world.

Why be an ambassador?

  • Campus marketing experience: deploy marketing campaigns and assist in planning and execution

  • Holistic learning experience: Build and execute a branch of Mule at your location

  • Opportunity to develop strategic, communication, leadership skills and be rewarded for it. 

  • Select ambassadors get a chance to intern at Mule or join the core team

  • Build connections and network with industry experts, keynote speakers and other founders

Job brief

If you enjoy making strategic decisions as a stakeholder and communicating with customers both online and offline, we would like to meet you. To be a successful Campus Ambassador, you will need to attend events to showcase our company. You should also be an excellent social media user, with the ability to advertise our products and answer client queries online.


Ultimately, you should be able to increase our company’s brand awareness and generate new sales opportunities.



  • Post about our products/services online (e.g. social media and forums)

  • Create, share and respond to online reviews

  • Participate in events as a spokesperson for our company

  • Network and build trusting relationships with potential customers

  • Thoroughly understand our products and services to inform potential customers

  • Use word-of-mouth marketing techniques, like referring our company to friends

  • Monitor online comments and respond or forward to the Marketing department

  • Assist in organizing marketing events

  • Track customers’ preferences and suggest advertising and positioning ideas

  • Provide feedback to the Marketing and Product departments regarding customers’ requests

  • Track and report on competitors’ marketing activities



  • Undergraduate or graduate student at a university in the United States 

  • Strong social media presence on multiple platforms

  • Experience creating online content

  • Professional attitude with great communication skills

  • An outgoing, friendly personality, and a desire to meet new people